Feminism Should Be Outlawed In Uganda- Pastor Martin Sempa

Pastor Martin Sempa of Makerere Community Church has yet once again come out to show his distaste for foreign ideas that come in the realm of emancipating people yet they are actually degrading the indigenous cultural values.

The pastor made these comments in regards to radical feminism that is quite becoming a common phenomenon both in Uganda and Africa at large.

He went ahead to express his disappointment in cultural leaders who have gone on to look on as these vcalues are being eroded away slowly.

Sempa said that these foreign extremists come with a target to influence the marriage and family institutions because they know these are core of the strong cultures in Africa.

Hea also said that these teach young girls how certain practices such as cooking for their husbands and kneeling are so backward and outdated.

Sempa said that for the past 15 years he’s been fighting so hard for the preservation and restoration of family values but no one has ever come out to help him.

He said that these cultural leaders are good at rallyimg people to engage in financial activities yet pay a deaf ear to the most imprtan thing.

” There is this disease called feminism that is hiding itself under the cloud of emancipating wome’s rights. The rights they are actually teaching our young girls is perversion and disrespect towards ‘s men. I have been fighting agaist homosexuality and now the family institution but the cultural leaders who should be enforcing traditions and culture are just quiet. Where is Buganda in this case, where is Bunyoro, Tooro, Busoga. I’m calling you out because this is your primary role. Even if you tell people to work hard. Who will inherit their wealth when the children have not been raised in the right way.” Pastor Sempa said.

He went ahead to pull out a book written by the late Katikiro of Buganda Sir Apollo Kaggwa that detailed the ways of living of the Baganda.

The book listed some of these ways and even talked of how homosexuality and other sexual immoral acts were brought about by the influx of foreigners in the 19th century.

The topic of feminism has of recent become ahotly debated one. Some women have taken it up a notch higher  by disrespecting their men.

Some women now view marriage and family as infringing on thier newly discovered rights.

This is something that is indeed worrying and the governement together with the relevant authorities have to address it before it spirals out of hand.

The same saw Ugandan entrepreneur and former UIA boss Dr Maggie Kigozi come out to address it a few days ago.

She told women that feminism is not all about indecency and disrespect towars their male counterparts.

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