Harriet Nakweedde rally

We Were Cheated – Bobi Wine accuses NRM of election fraud in Kayunga

National Unity Platform president Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu aka Bobi Wine has accused the NRM government of massively rigging the Kayunga District Chairperson by elections where the NRM candidate Andrew Muwonge was announced the winner defeating NUP’s Nakweedde Harriet in a closely contested race.
Andrew Muwonge emerged the winner with 31830 votes with Nakweedde Harriet getting 31308 votes despite Nakweedde appearing the favorite in the preliminary results.
Bobi Wine says that the signed declaration forms show NUP’s Nakweedde leading with a margin of over 15000 yet the electoral commission announced Andrew Muwonge as the leader.
“In broad day light, Museveni robs the victory of the people, and declares his candidate in Kayunga! Despite the stuffing and all manner of rigging, the signed DR forms give us a 15,000 votes lead. Ugandans will have to decide the next course of action.”
Besides Andrew Muwonge and Harriet Nakweedde, other candidates in the race were Anthony Waddimba of DP who got 158 votes, Musisi Boniface Bandikubi (Independent): 470, Kamoga Jamilu (Independent): 279 and Nyanzi Majid (Independent): 1.297.
Bobi Wine has gone ahead to publish declaration forms from his different agents on Facebook to show how NUP was cheated.