Uganda Airlines to Dubai

Uganda Airlines on its maiden flight to Dubai

The national carrier, Uganda Airlines has today made its debut flight to Dubai in its move to include international flights on its charter.

The flight was made on Monday morning at Entebbe International Airport that will see the Airline start regular flights to the City of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

Revived in 2019, the Uganda Airlines started regional flights to various cities in East and Central Africa. With the acquisition of 2 Air Bus A 330 Neo crafts, the airline announced that they will launch continental and international flights.

Among the international flights that were announced included Entebbe to Dubai, Entebbe to Johannesburg, Entebbe to London, Entebbe to Mumbai and Entebbe to Guangzhou, China.

“ Uganda Airlines to make first international route today to Dubai, expect excellent service delivery, UG music ,UG food,” Acting CEO Jeniffer Bamuturaki said.

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