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Airtel Uganda Discontinues Tugabane for Daily, Freaky Friday and Freaky Holiday bundles

Uganda Telecommunications Giant Airtel Uganda has discontinued the data sharing service dubbed Tugabane effective Wednesday this week on Monday 21st July.

The new changes apply to subscribers of daily bundles, Freaky Friday Bundle (a bundle that Airtel gives to its customers every Friday which when purchased, runs till Sunday midnight), and Freaky Holiday Bundles, the special bundle that Airtel gives out on special holidays like Christmas, Easter, Eid etc.

Dependents on Tugabane will be able to see data balance of their sponsors but will not be able to use that data.

Weekly bundles, monthly and quarterly bundles still qualify for Tugabane according to a statement from Airtel.

“We have made a few changes and these bundles can no longer be shared on tugabane as per the product segmentation,” Airtel confirmed these changes on their twitter handle.

Launched in 2015, Tugabane is a data sharing service where one Airtel subscriber (Sponsor) can share his data balance with up to three other subscribers (Dependants).

The service is useful especially to people who use more than one device when accessing the internet, co workers in small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and family members.
Airtel Tugabane

MTN Uganda’s similar service data share does not allow sharing daily bundles and further restricts data sharing to only those that have purchased Shareable bundles that start at 1GB.

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