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Africell Customer: 6 Security Steps you need to do before Africell Shuts down its service

Africell Uganda announced that they will be leaving Uganda; ceasing operations in the country come October 07th 2021.

With Africell ceasing operations, it means after October 07, Africell Uganda services will come to an end. These include Africell phone calls, Africell internet service, Africell SMS, Africell Money and any other Africell services that you have been using.

The following therefore should be done before Africell closes.

1. Changing Facebook Contact number and Double Factor Authentication number. Most Africell customers have opened their Facebook numbers using Africell line while others added it as a secondary contact number. For those having it as a primary number, the number should be changed since incase they forget their passwords, recovering their Facebook accounts will be difficult.

Those who used Africell numbers to add double authentication MUST change the number before October 7th since they will no longer be able to access their accounts since they will not be able to get SMSs after that period.

2. Change Bank Contact number and SMS Alert number. Banks give alerts whenever there’s a transaction or any security concern to phone numbers. Banks may similarly call whenever they have an inquiry concerning your Bank Account. To keep up to date with your Bank account and getting security alerts in time, change your contact account from Africell to another number of your choice.

3. Exhaust your Africell Money, Airtime and Data Balance. If you have been Africell Money service, you need to withdraw your balance in time before the network closes permanently in Uganda. Exhaust your data and Airtime balance in time in addition to calls and sms bundles.

4. Change your Whatsapp contact in time. If you have been using Africell number as your primary Whatsapp contact/business contact, you need to change it before Africell closes officially. When you change a whatsapp contact via Whatsapp settings, all your friends and whatsapp contacts will be notified that you changed the whatsapp number numbers. Your social and business groups will equally be inherited by the new number. This will help you retain all your business and family chats and contacts.

Whatsapp sends a confirmation message to the old number whenever you try to change to whatsapp number. So you need to do this as early as possible when you can still access sms.

5. Change you Google recovery number. Your Google account gives you access to various Google features which include Gmail, Google Drive, YouTube, Blogger, Google Photos, Hangout etc. Your Google recovery number helps you to verify if its you should you
i) Forget your password
ii) Login on unrecognized device
iii) Login in unknown location
iv) Any suspicious account on your Google account.

To keep your account safe, you need to change your recovery number from Africell to another alternate number to save your Google features.

Such changes and other changes will help you keep you cyber security updates and will help you not to lose access to any of your online accounts after Africell Exit. Such changes should be done to any but all your online accounts including Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, VK, We Chat, Telegram and all other social media channels.

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