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Qatar Influencing Football

Qatar influencing football is currently the manifestation in accordance to what is transpiring in the football world. As the World Cup 2022 in Qatar is drawing nearer, a critical analysis can directly indicate that Qatar is at the top of what is going on in the football fraternity.

Having won the Copa America for Aregentina (Argentina’s First title since 1993), Messi conquered the news on the globe when it came to sports.

Qatar, a nation which hosts the next world cup saw it of importance to have Messi at their Club-PSG as it would mean all attention would be diverted to PSG and in Short at Qatar who through Qatar Investment Authority sponsor the club.

Why one should worry about Qatar’s influence in Messi’s deal is because Messi had already agreed a 50% salary deduction so as to extend his stay at Nou Camp for the next five years but in the aftermath, La Liga who fought as much as possible to see Messi stay the last time he requested for an exit, came out to say even after a 50% salary reduction, Barca would be unable to have Messi, and so the Catalan Club had to let go of him, The questionn is, Didn’t Barcelona know that even after a 50% salary reduction, it wouldn’t be enough to keep Messi at the club.

Now, PSG has Real Madrd’s former captain in Sergio Ramos and Barcelona’s former capatain in Leo Messi, Wow! This speaks much sense in as far as diverting the football fraternity to PSG and in the end the Qatar World Cup is concerned.

Our football experts are  hopefull Messi will score on his debut at PSG most probably against Strabsburg in the weekend to add more heat this thing and make it more eye-catching.

Still more, we are hopeful Messi will win the Champions League at PSG soon, Messi will soon be taken to visit Qatar to gear up the intensity of the next World Cup, and lastly don’t be taken by surprise if Agentina win the world Cup in Qatar. The Qatar effect in football..

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