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Guide on how to choose a Club to Support in Uganda Premier League

Ugandans have started following and supporting Uganda Premier League Football without having their own team to root for.

It is interesting that Ugandan football is now more followed by Ugandans than ever and people alongside European football have started holding discussions about Ugandan football, analyzing match days, team depth and changes on the UPL table.

Whereas it is normal to follow a football league without having a team you are attached too, just like people have been following Netherlands league, Portuguese Primera Liga and French League 1 (before the coming of Leo Messi), it becomes more interesting if you get a team to support, feel cold when it is beaten to pulp and also feel happy when it scores 1 – 0 even when that one goal was from an unfair penalty kick.

To choose a team to support, here is the little guide that can help you land on your next stress factor.

  1. Watch Uganda Premier League games live. UPL games are broadcasted on Startimes Uganda via Sanyuka TV. Start watching Ugandan football, look for that team that you will like, may be because it made a comeback in a game it had almost lost, or it had that player that outshined the other 21 players on the pitch.

It might be their uniform or colors, or even the facial appearance of some players (This is for female football fans). You will find yourself having that team you support.

  1. Historical records. Are you that kinda of a fan who likes bragging how Manchester United has 20 trophies yet it hasn’t taken a single trophy for close to half a decade? Or you are that person who argues how Liverpool F.C. with 1 EPL trophy is better than Manchester City F.C. with 5 EPL trophies simply because Liverpool took more trophies before the fall of Obote 1’s government? Well if you love records, you can choose for a team with records in Uganda Premier League and win every argument whenever it is time to talk about achievements of your teams.

Sports Club Villa (SC Villa) has 16 trophies, Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA FC) has 13, Express FC has 7. You can choose any of the three, after all, these three clubs have a massive number of supporters and you won’t cry alone when they lose. Vipers SC with 4 trophies has also been doing good recently.

  1. Home Club connections.

There are few Manchester United supporters in London, just there are few Barcelona F.C supporters in the capital of Spain (Madrid City). As the English legend goes, Charity begins at home. There is nothing wrong completely when you choose to support your home team.

With FUFA regional leagues and the Rwenzori and Elgon FUFA Big League, all regions in Uganda have at least been represented in Uganda Premier League with regional balanced qualifiers. At least you have a team near you to get attached to. Watch it and support it as it struggles to survive the relegation battle in the highly competitive and 18th best league in the African continent.

Arua Hills, Onduparaka, Tooro United, Mbarara City FC, MYDA FC (in the Big League), Busoga United, Wakiso Giants etc are some of the regional teams that you can feel attached too if you come from nearby locations.

There are very many good teams in the Uganda Premier League, the league is getting interesting day after day and it won’t be bad choosing a team to support in the home league and enjoy following the league day in day out.

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