Chelsea beat Man City to win the second Champions League title

It was fan and joy for a Chelsea side that convincingly beat Manchester City 1:0 to win a second Champions league in a match played at Portal’s Estádio do Dragão Stadium in Portugal.

Kai Havertz who had a minimal start to the season at Chelsea was the hero after embarking on Mason Mount’s beautiful pass and beat Man City’s Ederson Moraes to slot in the match’s only goal. Chelsea were the better side throughout missing out on many chances that would see them score more than once.

Manchester City’s Pep Guardiola will have himself to blame after fielding a less defensive side without Rodri and Fernandinho something that left the Citizens’ side vulnerable to Chelsea’s lightening-like attacks.

Chelsea, a side that looked like had no hopes of a bright season ahead by January, rejuvinated after acquiring Thomas Tuchel. The tactician who helped PSG to a first Champions League final last season re-instated discipline in the defense by restoring Rudiga in the department and playing Kante in his most favorable midfield, the French was thus named Man of the match.

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Thomas Tuchel’s 3:4:2:1 system plays some possession and also good at stopping attacks and at the same time going forward. Chelsea had not gone past the Quarter Finals in the last five seasons but the coach’s arrival is highly felt in London after he also guided a Chelsea side to FA cup finals which they lost to Leicester.

Chelsea hence becomes the only third English side to win two or more Champions league Finals, Manchester United (3) and Liverpool (6).

Champions league winners go straight to the next season’s Champions league but because the Blues achieved that through their league position, the slot will go to Europe’s 11th ranked country.

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