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Stella Nyanzi Reveals Her Parliamentary Loss Devastated Her

Former Makerere University professor Stella Nyanzi has come out to reveal how her loss in the January elections devastated and shattered her.

Stella Nyanzi took to the polls on an FDC ticket vying for the Kampala woman Mp seat in a tightly contested race.

She however miserably lost to NUP’s Shamim Malende and even appeared third behind NRM’s Faridah Nambi.

Stella’s camp had high expectations thinking that her controversial figure would win her the election.

After the loss, she fled the country to Kenya claiming her life was in danger from the government.

Through her Facebook page, Stella said that sometimes people’s visions are too small to be accomplished and are also accomplish-able adding she is a good example of this.

She went ahead to reveal how how election loss traumatized her.

“Imagine I campaigned to become just a woman member of parliament for only Kampala in a Uganda. When I lost the election in January of this year, I was devastated. I was too stuck in my small vision to either see or celebrate this blessing in disguise of loss.” Stella Nyanzi consoled herself.

She then went ahead to say that her loss instead opened up bigger doors for her.

Her vision has now expanded and she’s able to embrace her potential to represent her values and ideologies to the whole world.

Unlike the small parliament, she’s now able to address the entire world on international platforms.

She advised her followers to expand their visions because now she is an ambassador to the whole world.

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