Stay away from the President because he’s annoying-Medard Lubega Ssegona

Busiro east county legislator Medard Lubega  Ssegona has advised people like him who feel offended by some of the President’s statements to stay away from them.

Ssegona made the statements while appearinng on the NBS political talkshow, Front line. Ssegona said that people like him respect the president but if he starts giving inconclusive facts and provocative statements, then they stay away from him.

“We are supposed to listen to the President in silence but what happens when he is not giving facts and he is provocative? A person of my age, when I know he is going to annoy me, I stay away.”Medard Ssegona said.

Ssegona added that he expected the president to tackle key sector issues in his next addresses instead of zero facts.

“I expect the President to talk about the status of unemployment, #COVID19, fight against corruption, infrastructure, health sector, education.

You know he is good at telling you plans, when it comes to achievements, zero.” Ssegona added.

Ssegona also sympathized with Gen Katumba Wamala who recently escaped an assassination but lost his daughter and driver in the scenario.

“Nobody deserves death. Even if somebody has a reason, you cannot condemn someone to a death penalty. If this is an isolated incident, then I need to go back to school. – Ssegona said.

Ssegona added that as long as government did not come out to thoroughly prosecute those murderers, the killings would go on.

“It is only in Uganda where you have armed ‘pigs’. The killings will continue because even the ones that are known are not prosecuted. ” Ssegona noted.

He concluded by advising government to employ intelligent people.

“We need to deploy intelligent people to act for the state.” Ssegona concluded.


The show was attended by opposition MPs Nandala Mafabi and NRM members Ofwono Opondo and Margaret Muhanga.

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