President Museveni Cannot Do Anything About Corruption-Joel Ssenyonyi

Nakawa East legislator and NUP spokesperson Joel Ssenyonyi has come out to say that as long as President Museveni is still in power, corruption will be a daily song to Ugandans.

His comments came after the President’s State of the Nation address yesterday.

President Museveni said that he knew where corruption was originating from citing the Ministry of finance. Mr Museveni added that he would deal with these accordingly.

However, Ssenyonyi believes that the President is just making empty promises because he has always had the proof from the auditor general. He however does not act on it since he can’t render himself accountable.

“For Mr. Museveni to say that there is corruption in the Ministry of Finance is an indictment on himself. Because according to the law, the President is the Minister of Finance but he just delegates the duty.” Ssenyonyi said.

Ssenyonyi added that with the auditor general’s report, the president could have kicked corruption out already.

“The Auditor General releases an annual report which contains a lot about corruption. That is why I think Mr. Museveni is not interested in fighting corruption because there is a lot of evidence for him to act on.” Ssenyonyi who was appearing on Nxt radio’s  Big Talk program said.

Ssenyonyi was replying to another talk show guest Brig Gen Felix Kulaigye who said that with the President’s comments about corruption, action would be taken.

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