People Power supporters chased from Kakyeka stadium as NUP Launches its manifesto

Police in Mbarara has chased hundreds of People Power supporters who were watching proceedings of National Unity Platform Manifesto launch in Kakyeka Stadium – Mbarara City.

Around 300 supporters who were sitting in 1000 seater pavilion were ordered by police to vacate the premises and leave the stadium as the police insisted that they want only 70 people in the stadium.

Other supporters were barred from entering the venue and left stranded outside the stadium which is also a home stadium of Mbarara City FC while others were not even allowed to access the area where the Kakyeka Stadium is situated.

People Power supporters outside Kakyeka Stadium waiting for Bobi Wine shortly before he arrived for the manifesto launch

Police says that they are doing this as part of measures to combat the spread of COVID-19 while NUP officials are saying that it’s a move to frustrate the party from showing the massive support that they have in the regional city of Western Uganda which is also debated to be the second largest city in Uganda after Kampala.

“It is clear the intention is to prevent any display of support to us by so many supporters that we have in Mbarara, as in all parts of the country” Bobi Wine said.

Manifesto launch is still ongoing.

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