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Ofwono Opondo Attacks Kabaka

Government spokesperson Ofwono Opondo has come out to reply the Kabaka of Buganda, His Highness Ronald Muwenda Mutebi saying that Buganda is not doing anyone a favor for being part of Uganda.

Opondo was replying to the Kabaka’s remarks made on his 28th coronation ceremony a few days ago where the Kabaka said that the proposed government changes are targeting to weaken the influence of Buganda Kingdom.

The government spokesperson said that the Kabaka should know that Buganda is part of Uganda by law and not by favor.

Therefore all Ugandans have a right to live in any part of the country they wish to.

Mr Opondo further said that the Kabaka and the kingdom royals benefited a lot from the land distributions in the 1900 Buganda Agreement.

This led to majority of the subjects missing out on the land to just squatters.

OO went ahead to say that is what has created majority land problems in Buganda and therefore needs to be rectified.

He further said that the land amendment policies are not only targeting Buganda but the whole country.

However, it’s in Buganda with majority land problems due to the misuse of the mailo land system that needs to be put to order.

As if OO wasn’t done, he reminded the Kabaka about his predecessors such as Kabaka Mwanga and Edward Muteesa II who misused their authority and ended up paying heavily.

OO therefore warned the Kabaka not to test the Central government by taking the same path of disobedience that can lead to the same historical problems.

The land question and proposed policies is one that looks like it will create rifts between traditional leaders and the central government.

Majority traditional leaders are bent on retaining the status quo while the government says that this hampers development and therefore huge need for change in the land tenure system.

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