NUP to chop 1M off Each Party MP’s 200M to Construct Party Offices

National Unity Platform has revealed that is to chop 1 million shillings from each party Member of Parliament’s 200 million facilitated by the government as a string service for vehicle to construct party offices.

According to John Baptist Nambeshe, the opposition chief whip and also Manjiya County MP said that NUP members had voluntarily resolved that one million should be committed and finance party activities.

“The members themselves so wished that as a party that is leading in Parliament and is hardly a year-old in Parliament, we need to demonstrate maturity by acquiring our own property. And for that reason we resolved that this fundraising be done,” Mr Nambeshe said.

“It has nothing to do with the superior of the party Mr Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu compelling one to pay a certain amount. By the way on this same money, if it comes through, I may even give Shs100 million or more because of the love of my party.” He added.

NUP’s statements comes shortly after the government started sending 200 million shillings to 529 members of parliament and 26 ex-officio members of the 11th parliament for buying vehicles.

It should be noted that an MP is assured a net salary of Shs6.1 million every month besides a string of benefits that include housing allowance of Shs6.5 million, constituency support fee of Shs17.03 million plus a town running fee of Shs1.945 million.

Fuel allowance that ranges between Shs10.3 million and Shs31 million per month also adds to the list of benefits of MPs depending on a distance of one’s constituency.

The NUP party has its offices headquartered at Kamwokya and according to Mr Nambeshe the party headquarters are located on Mr Kyagulanyi’s premises which are a personal stricture that would be used to generate personal income.

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