Fred Kajjubi Lumbuye

NUP Speaks Out About the alleged Arrest Of Fred Kajjubi Lumbuye

Nup’s Kyadondo East Mp Hon Muwadda Nkunyingi came out to provide an update today the 4th of August 2021 on his Facebook page about the status of NUP diaspora social media propagandist, Fred Lumbuye Kajjubi.

According to Nkunyingi, Lumbuye was arrested in Turkey through a kidnap that was disguised as an arrest.

“My attention has been drawn to a suspected kidnap, disguised as arrest and detention of political activist and our friend Fred Lumbuye.” Muwadda posted.

Muwadda however went ahead to say that it will be illegal to extradite Lumbuye from Turkey to Uganda since there is no bilateral or reciprocal treaty between Uganda and Turkey that warrants extradition.

Therefore any attempt to extradite a Ugandan moreover who has divergent political views would be illegal both under the international and domestic laws.

The Mp added that NUP has already dispatched a team led by the NUP Commissioner Hon Francis Zaake to run to the aid of Lumbuye and will be in Turkey by Wednesday night.

They are also going to engage the Turkish diplomats both here and in Turkey to see how Lumbuye can be freed from his currently unknown whereabouts.

Muwadda further said that persecuting Ugandans in the diaspora due to their political beliefs should further be condemned because it’s illegal.

He finally said that he was going to call upon all those who oppose such events to come out in huge numbers and demand for the release of Lumbuye.

Lumbuye’s woes began after he circulated the rumors that President Museveni had succumbed to COVID 19.

Mr Museveni went ahead to order security agencies to hunt down all those who had circulated the rumors and Lumbuye was placed on the list of those wanted.

This was not Lumbuye’s only poisonous information as a few months ago he rallied the Baganda to take to the streets and demand for the Kabaka’s corpse whom he said had been killed by the government with the aid of the Nabagerekka, Katikiro and some officials in Mengo.

Lumbuye also after the death of Archbishop Cyprian Kizito Lwanga said that the body had been exhumed and taken to President Museveni’s Kisozi farm where Mama Fina was called to perform rituals on it.

Prior to his arrest, Lumbuye had a big following of people who were drawn to his conspiracy theories.

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