Kayunga Nakwedde

NUP, NRM wrestle for numbers as Kayunga District Chairperson by-elections draw near

Party bigwigs have started flocking Kayunga District as the hunt for votes intensifies in the ongoing Kayunga District Chairperson by elections.

The race is between 6 candidates who want to replace the late Ffeffeka Sserubogo who was found dead in June this year just weeks after his swearing in ceremony.

Among the contestants is Jamil Kamoga (Independent) who is a son to the late Ffeffeka Sserubogo, Andrew Muwonge of the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party, Harriet Nakweede of the National Unity Platform (NUP), Anthony Waddimba from the Democratic Party (DP) and two other independent candidates; Boniface Bandikubi,  Majid Nyanzi.

Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Robinah Nabbanja was in Kayunga district yesterday where she argued locals to support Andrew Muwonge of NRM assuring them that voting an NRM candidate will ensure a straight path supply line from the Prime Minister’s office to the local communities.

“Don’t look at him as Muwonge but he is representing NRM. The total democracy that NRM brought to Uganda is one which allows people choose their leaders. If you vote Muwonge, he knows my office and will easily lobby for you. He will lobby for the development of Kayunga,” Nabbanja said.

Robinah Nabbanja
Prime Minister Hon. Robinah Nabbanja campaigning for NRM’s Andrew Muwonge.

NUP on the other hand has been holding massive rallies across the district looking votes for their candidate Harriet Nakwedde with Hon. Betty Namboze Bakireke having arrived in Kayunga on Wednesday and promising to camp in the district hunting Nakwedde’s votes till the election day.

“Today I joined Nakweede Harriet the Aspirant for LC5 Chairperson Kayunga District to give her support as a friend and also as it is a call by our Party NUP. I am camping in Kayunga till the day of declaring her victory on the 17th Dec 2021 when she is the Chairperson.” Nambooze said on Wednesday morning.

Betty Nambooze campaign
Betty Nambooze campaigning in Kayunga for Nakweede

Nakweede contested for Kayunga District woman MP on NUP ticket in 2021 General elections where she lost to Hon Idah Nantaba Elios (Independent) despite managing to garner 37,000. She was chosen as NUP flag bearer for the Kayunga LCV Chairperson by elections by NUP Electoral commission over three other candidates that included Rajab Ssenkubuge, Ffeffeka Ssserubogo’s son Jamil Kamoga and Sserubogo’s sister Fatumah Nakanwagi.

Kayunga By Elections
Enthusiastic supporter of NUP raising the popular NUP Fist sign during campaigns in Kayunga

Voting day will be on December 16th while open campaigns are expected to stop on December 14th.

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