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Hon Rachel Magoola Trashes Recently Released Rankings Of Best MPs In 100 Days

Bugweri woman Mp Hon Rachel Magoola has come out to trash the recently released rankings of the best MPs who have shined on the floor of Parliament in the first 100 days.

A local publication recently released names of those legislators who have performed incredibly well and these included entertainers such as Hon Geoffrey Lutaaya, Hon Hilary Kiyaga aka Dr Hilderman and music manager Hon Kayemba Solo.

Mp Magoola was questioned why her name didn’t appear alongside these MPs.

The Obangaina crooner said that she doesn’t know the criteria that was used to make this list.

She added that if appearing on the floor of parliament is what was used, then those who appeared on the list won, bit if it’s about performance in their constituencies, she highly doubts the rankings.

“I don’t know the criteria used to make that list. If it was based on appearing on the parliamentary floor more times, then those MPS won. Some of them have actually never done any tangible thing back in there constituencies. My priority now is to serve my people of Bugweri and it’s what I’m doing.” Hon Magoola said.

She also talked of how Mpaka records boss Ykee Benda came about to make a refix of her some Obangaina

Magoola said that at first she objected but the singer persisted and she finally gave in.

Hon Magoola said that she was impressed after hearing Ykee’s version and officially endorsed it even offering advice where necessary.

“He called me and at first I refused because I thought he would spoil the song. He however persisted and I gave ini was really surprised he nailed it. I decided to join the project and offer advice. He has a beautiful voice and I always promote the song for him whenever I can.” The MP added.

She also said that they are preparing to create a parliamentary caucus for entertainers to advance the interests of the entertainment industry.

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