Government is hiding something about these assassinations-MP Muwanga Kivumbi

The MP for Butambala Hon Muwanga Kivumbi has come out to question the ability of government in curbing down gun violence in Uganda. This comes in the wake of an attempted assassination on Gen Katumba Wamala on 1st June 2021. Although the general escaped with minor injuries, his daughter and driver did not emerge out of the car alive.

This is not the first time high profile citizens have been nearly assassinated or killed through hit and run scenarios. AIGP Felix Kaweesi, prosecutor Joan Kagezi, Muhammad Kiggundu, MP Ibrahim Abiriga among others have all been assassinated under such circumstances.

While appearing on NTV program ‘On The Spot’, Kivumbi questioned on why government has not produced a detailed report about these killings yet it has the necessary apparatus.

“We have a fantastic forensic laboratory. By now, they should have given us an answer to tell us that the guns used to attack Gen Katumba Wamala are not fingerprinted or belong to a certain agency. Why don’t we have this information?” Muwanga Kivumbi questioned.

Kivumbi added that there were unknown cases of gun murder that are not highly publicized since the victims are not public figures.

“Every one and a half days, we have someone being shot dead in Uganda. In 2020, 249 people were shot dead and the year has 365 days. That is how bad it is. We cannot only talk about the high profile cases which are spaced by years,” Muwanga Kivumbi added.

He further questioned where the funds allocated to the defense budget are put.  He also said that this money is used luxuriously by government officials instead if it’s intended use

“The classified and defence budgets have increased drastically but insecurity is growing. It is not a question of resources or trained personnel.

So who spends the money. They drive state of the art cars. Kivumbi added.

The outspoken legislator also added that the motive of these assassin’s needs to be established.

“What motivates these assassins? What is the grudge they want us to settle? It is important to know the enemy and put a name and motive to his actions. When the threats are so severe, put them to the country and mobilise us to address the issue,”Muwanga Kivumbi on what the assassin’s wanted.

Kivumbi posed these questions to UPDF spokesperson Brig -Gen Flavia Byekwaso with whom he was appearing on the TV station.

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