FDC is jealous of NUP success- Hon. Mathias Mpuuga

Over the past few days, FDC has been at logger heads with fellow opposition party NUP. This all stems from the recently concluded elections for speaker of parliament. A battle of words then ensued with FDC blaming NUP for betraying them and instead voting for either NRM’s two candidates Hon. Jacob Oulanyah or Rebecca Kadaga. The Newly appointed Leader of Opposition Hon. Mathias Mpuuga however says that this is just because of Jealous.

FDC fronted Kira Municipality MP Hon Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda and it was expected opposition parties would unanimously vote for him. However to FDC’s shock, Ssemujju garnered only 15 votes in a parliament that houses over 100 opposition MPs.

This has seen Ssemujju send a barrage of digs aimed at NUP for undermining other opposition parties and opting to vote for Rebecca Kadaga who is an NRM top leader.

Ssemujju went ahead to say that he had requested to meet NUP and its leader Hon Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu but his request was turned down.

The new leader of opposition Mathias Mpuuga while replying Ssemujju said that the two are comrades who share a deep history. He therefore won’t also go on a verbal attack as FDC has done. He said that the FDC might be under going through a political hangover but will soon calm down.

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Mpuuga added that the FDC having dominated center stage in the opposition politics does not seem to embrace the fact that NUP has surpassed them.

“I understand the situation of our comrades in FDC. They have been where we are for the last 15 or 20 years and they never educated themselves of this possibility. It could be a little bit of hangover but I know it will calm down,” Mpuuga said.

He added that the Najjanankumbi based party has laid ground for the past 15-20  years which other opposition political parties are thriving.

The Nyendo-Mukungwe MP also said he was disappointed with those trying to create rifts between the two parties.

“I am a bit shocked and disappointed by our comrades in FDC, and I have encouraged my comrades in NUP not to fight back.”

He however maintained that as leader of opposition, his position will be to unite the different opposition political parties.

“I’m inviting FDC not to try and patronise NUP because it will not work. We can share views but we shall not agree to be patronised. A few individuals are the ones trying to make the relationship frosty”. The legislator said.

Mpuuga’s comments were aired on the Morning Breeze show on NBS TV.

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