Norbet Ariho arrested

Bobi Wine’s Bodyguard Norbert Ariho arrested, accused of throwing explosives

Uganda Police commanded by Asiimwe, who has been following Bobi Wine allover the country, have netted Bobi Wine’s bodyguard Norbert Ariho in Bududa District where Bobi Wine is currently hunting for votes in the coming Uganda’s general elections that are due next month.

The arrested is known as Norbert Ariho who was seen recently in a video, accused of throwing an explosive to Bobi Wine’s car that injured of the Bobi Wine’s security man and Bobi Wine’s supporter Producer Dan Magic Pro.

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Attempts by Bobi Wine supporters to have him released were futile as Police tear gassed and dispersed the angry supporters.

Norbert Ariho became a subject on social media after a video clip from Ghetto TV identified him in position that made some amateur video analysts to claim that he was responsible for throwing the explosive that blown Bobi Wine’s car tyres in a fracas that happened in Kayunga District on Tuesday. The video was shared by Bebe Cool, Ashburg Katto and Don Wanyama among several other NRM supporters who called for his arrest.

In a clear video clip from NBS Television however showed Nobert Ariho standing next to Bobi Wine car and an explosive falling from the position where security men were standing. Ariho is seen in this video also perplexed and running for his life before the explosive identified by NBS TV as a hand grenade exploded producing smoke and injuring supporters of Robert Kyagulanyi. NBS Video of the incident.

Bobi Wine acknowledged the arrest of one of his men wondering why they have taken him away.

“Even when clear evidence came out showing that our comrade Nobert Ariho never threw the grenade that nearly killed us, as alleged by police, they have gone ahead and arrested him violently, bundled him onto a police truck and drove him to an unknown destination! The same police officer called Asiimwe, who continues to follow us and cause mayhem commandeered his arrest! Definitely they are so ashamed of themselves and simply want to prove a point!” Said Bobi

Bobi Wine also said that security officers are planning to arrest many of people that he works with detain them and release them when elections are over.

“We are aware of their plan to arrest, torture and detain many more people that I work with until after elections. Too bad for them, Uganda is far ahead of them” Bobi Wine concluded.

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