Betty Nambooze advises President Museveni to follow social media rules and regulations

Mukono Municipality Mp Betty Bakireke Nambooze feels that President Museveni is being more dictatorial after his recent remarks on social media users.

A few days ago the head of state directed security agencies to track down and arrest all those that had announced him dead a few weeks ago.

Mr Museveni said that these people were misusing social media spreading fake news which had a negative impact on the general public.

Ugandans had been thrown into a state of shock and bewilderment after a fake tweet circulated alleging to be from NTV saying the President had been critically ill.

This tweet added that he had been airlifted to Germany where he was eventually pronounced dead although he made a public appearance the next day.

Mr Museveni now feels that stringent measures should be tightened on social media users to avoid killing him again or any other person.

Social media is already under tight laws in Uganda with platforms such as Facebook being banned.

Nambooze though advised the president to follow the rules and regulations governing these social media sites.

She said that he can block, delete, unfriend or unlike anybody that annoys him.

“If someone annoys you on social media, simply unfollow/unfriend/delete them. It is terrible to announce you dead.

The reason why people announce people who are alive dead is because the whole country is insane.” Nambooze said.

She made these remarks while appearing on the NBS TV program Frontline.

Nambooze’s submission was complimented by Kasanda North opposition Mp Hon Patrick Nsamba.

Nsamba said that the President is not the first person they have announced dead as they also have people who have also been pronounced dead.

He questioned whether they should also press charges against them.

Nsamba added that these allegations were patched up by the youth who are tired of the president and feel its time for him to pass on the mantle of leadership.

However, Kampala RCC Hussein Hood who was in the studio condemned this as immoral.

He said that the habit of announcing people dead especially like the head of State should stop because it brews a cloud of uncertainty on to the general public.

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