What to Expect in Today’s Presidential COVID-19 Address

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni will address the country today on matters of COVID-19 following the elapse of 42 days of Lockdown that were announced on June 18th this year.

Museveni is expected to make changes in the COVID-19 rules and guidelines with the public urging him to end the lockdown and allow people to go work.

Following the reduction in the number of new cases and also reduction in the number of people admitted in the hospitals, there are some of the changes that are expected to be announced today while others will be maintained.

Ban on public transport is expected lifted and transport services expected to commence on Monday, allowed at half capacity with commuters and operators expected to observe S.O.Ps.

Shopping Centres are also expected to be opened during his speech.

Private Cars will be allowed to travel and cross boarder movement restrictions are expected to be lifted. However private cars will also be limited on the number of people they should carry.

Mandatory wearing of masks in public will remain.

Schools and all institutions of learning are expected to remain closed as the government secures more vaccines to vaccinate all teachers.

Night curfew will remain and will be re-emphasized.

The president is also expected to announce the progress on the ongoing process to secure vaccines and vaccinate a target of 5 Million people.

Uganda has been in the second lockdown since the second wave of COVID-19 started with the surge being brought by the Delta Variant that was first detected in India. All businesses in the Central Business District were closed with a bigger percentage of Kampala Metropolitan Population rendered jobless.

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