We are Stupid and Should Deal With Our Stupidity- Kiiza Besigye

Former presidential aspirant and opposition figure Kiiza Besigye has come out to air his disappointment in Ugandans especially on the COVID-19 pandemic.

The outspoken politician said that the way government and even citizens are handling the current crisis is an absolute shamble and blamed citizins for this mayhem.

“We must realize that as people, we are foolish and we must deal with our stupidity.The biggest problem I see is simply having masses of people that are not thinking. That is why we have a regime like we have doing the things it’s doing for 35 years and we are simply lamenting.” Besigye belted.

Besigye also added that as Ugandans, they should know that health is also a political factor. He was making the comment in regard to those who say that politics should not be talked about in the midst of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.

“As I was coming here, people were saying “Talk about COVID-19, not politics” That’s the utmost foolishness we talk about. There’s nothing more political than health because health is a common good.” Besigye said.

Besigye added that in times of crises like pandemics, it’s always the government’s role to control it.

He added that government’s decision to send students back home was wrong. This is because these were going to mix with those who are sick and get sick too. He asserted that in schools, the institutions are well managed hence the pandemic can be controlled from there.

Asked whether he had deserted the struggle to liberate Uganda, Besigye said that he was still active though they needed to re-strategize.

“My keeping quiet is not because I have deserted the struggle, it’s because we have to think a little deeper and more seriously about how to get out of this.” Besigye said.

He concluded by rallying people to be extra vigilant and observe the SOPs.

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