VIDEO: Police Officer who was caught on Camera drunk in Uniform aligned in court

The Police Disciplinary Court has today in Mityana conducted the hearing of a case where they accuse their own Police officer Sgt Sam Omara who was caught live on camera drunk during the day while in a Police Uniform.

In a video that became viral on social media, Omara was making a fool of himself while drunk as revelers enjoyed and laughed at him as they recorded a video. Omara would be seen holding a beer bottle as he totters to near fall.

At this happened during day time when Omara was putting on a police uniform with his personal number visible.

Police today created a standby disciplinary court in Mityana charged him with what they described as ’Scandalous behavior’.

“The Police Standby Disciplinary Court in Mityana is conducting the hearing in a case of Scandalous behavior against Sgt. Omara Sam who was recorded drunk while in uniform. The video went viral on social media.” Police said.

Police hasn’t disclosed the results from the hearing and whether he will serve a punishment or pardoned.

Here is the video of Omara drunk.

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