Video: Police forces 44 arrested in Nansana on a gay introduction to show faces to the camera

Police in Nasana Municipality yesterday raided the Happy Youths in Uganda Home that is located in Nansana and arrested 44 people who were allegedly attending  gay party at the moment.

The arrested were found putting on makeup, others female dresses while others were putting on wigs to look like a woman as a traditional introduction ceremony between Adam and Adam went on. The bride, her matron and ssenga were all putting on a gomesi while the groom and the best man were putting kanzus and suits however at the time of taking photos, the groom had removed the suit.

Police said that they were arrested for violating COVID-19 regulations and doing neglect acts that could lead to the spread of COVID-19 and they are kept behind the bars in a police detention in Nansana, a town located in Wakiso district.

“Joint security team has arrested 36 men and 8 Women from Nansana all putting on like women, with hair wigs and makeup at a wedding party of a guy couple.

“The arrested will be charged for doing a negligent act likely to spread an infectious disease, for they did not follow SOPS” :- Twiine Charles CID Spokesperson

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Whereas Police alleges arrested the them for violating COVID-19  regulations, the officer who arrested them could be heard abusing them using derogatory words asking them why they have sex in the a**s.

The Police officer went ahead to expose their faces live on the camera an act some people are claiming to be invasion of their privacy as he threatened to beat them should they fail to face the camera that was recording a video.

Homosexuality from the constitution of 1995 has been illegal in the country. Attempts by some members of Parliament to add amendments and tough regulations against members of LGBT community in 2014 failed after the Supreme Court nullified the Anti Homosexuality act.

Attempts to re-criminalized Homosexuality was however were made in a set recent sex laws passed by Parliament  that makes homosexuality, bestiality, defilement, ‘bad touches’ (touches that may arouse a person’ illegal and punishable by law. Though the laws have not been signed by the President.

Here is the video

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