UK Flags Uganda Red: Bans Travelers From Uganda

The United Kingdom has become the latest country to ban travelers who come directly or have passed through Uganda on their way to the country.

This follows an upsurge of COVID 19 cases in the country which saw a 42 day lock down declared by President Museveni.

The COVID 19 pandemic in it’s second wave has left the country with thousands of infections and hundreds of deaths.

UK follows a number of countries such as Rwanda and the UAE which earlier on banned travelers from Uganda who have either been in the country for 14 days or fly directly from Entebbe.

The UK itself is going through one of the most dangerous waves in the global pandemic.

Despite the numerous vaccinations, the country has gone under a number of lock downs aimed at curbing down the infections.

This however though haven’t helped a lot with Prime Minister Boris Johnson extending the lock down that was supposed to end soon to July.

And with a number of tourists from the UK to Uganda, the tourism send for which has already felt the effects of the lock down is going to be affected massively and negatively.

People are advised to keep on adhering to the Ministry of Health SOPs and presidential directives on fighting the virus.

It should be noted that there are also a number of Ugandans and Britons who live in either countries.

There are also business people that get their merchandise from the UK.

This will affect them too and the travel ban is not known for how long it will be instituted.

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