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UIA’s Mukiza Robert and Others on Spot for Embezzlement of 200M Euros

Uganda Investment Authority is another government body is on spot of a corruption and embezzlement spree. This comes in after it is being learnt that, the Director General Mukiza Robert and his group at the authority allegedly pocketed amounts at a region of 200 million Euros (800 billion shillings).

This clique was busted by an insider and whistleblower who intimated that, this group forged ways of pocketing all the money that was meant for the development of the Kampala Industrial Park infrastructure project in Namanve. The insider clearly quips that, a budget worth 251,065,212 Euros was borrowed from the United Kingdom Export Fund (UKEF) to implement engineering, procurement, and construction of all infrastructure of the business park.

But unfortunately, the group led by Mukiza Robert the Director General of Uganda Investment Authority, Alex Nuwagira the KIBP project manager, Rwakakamba Morrison Chairman Borad UIA, Byamukama Kereere Chairman Land committee UIA and Ahmed Busobozi allegedly ended up being the only beneficiaries of this loan money.

This happened in the alteration of the Bill of Quantities or the original master plan for the infrastructural development of the Namanve project  where items such as construction of the power station, construction of the solid and liquid waste management plants, parking areas, for heavy vehicles, water treatment plant were removed from the plan and the money ended in their pockets.

This whole corruption and mismanagement of the funds has led to the project to stall to around 30% completion. This more so forced the group of embezzlers to start fidgeting and asking for more 100 million Euros in order for the project to be completed yet the initial 250 million didn’t do the work it was meant to do.

We have been reliably informed that, the Criminal Investigation Department has started the course of investigations, and so far, Mukiza Robert has been already summoned to appear for interrogation. In our next part of this huge loot we shall show you how this group embezzled over 15 billion Uganda shillings from contractors and how they frustrated contractors like The Owners Engineer Roughton International Ltd, Joadah Consult Ltd, Turner and Townsend International Ltd and Basic Consult Ltd.

This is just a tip of the iceberg, more shocking revelations are going to be unfolded since the loot was involving a lot of mismanagement, favoritism, extension of the project period, selling green zones, frustration of domestic and foreign investors.

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