Ugandans Should Wake Up And Stop Waiting For The Nabbanja Money- Betty Nambooze

It seems like Mukono municipality Mp Betty Nambooze has never been promised any money while in hard financial times.

This is because despite the person who has promised you having a nature of not delivering, you always want to keep the hope that they will deliver.

Anyone who tells you they won’t simply becomes a hater and an enemy even at times.

Nambooze though feels that Ugandans have been duped by the government in being given the COVID 19 relief package in form of money.

The government a few days ago promised how it was going to avail money of Ugx 100,000 to help people termed as vulnerable most affected by the 42 day lockdown.

Owing to the desperation of people because the lockdown is already under way, people thought the exercise would be quick.

The government also through the prime Minister who has been at the forefront of this exercise promised that the money would soon be rolled out.

However, government came out to announce how it has been held back by some hindrances especially data to do with the vulnerable people.

Nambooze however advised Ugandans to just do some other stuff and forget this money because it will never come.

“If someone fails to give you half a kilo of meat, how then do you expect a whole cow from such a person?” Nambooze said on the on ‘Nabbanja’ money.

Ugandans are all expectant about this money and it’s the talk of town everywhere as the excitement continues to soar up.

Nambooze made these comments while appearing on the Barometer show that airs on NBS TV.

She added that it was wrong from the start to omit politicians especially MPS from this exercise because it’s the them with the structures  from the elections.

However, the minister for Kampala Kabuye Kyofatogabye who was also present at the show rubbished Nambooze’s claims and assured the affected people that the money will soon be rolled out.

“Town clerk’s are finalising feeding the names of the most vulnerable individuals then send the data to the the banks for the money to be rolled out. By tomorrow (Wednesday 7th July), the system for Kampala will be ready.” Minister Kyofatogabye said.

Nambooze though advised the Minister to stop telling lies that are not well orchestrated.

She instead advised him to always sit down with his colleagues and party members and decide on what to lie before coming out.

Ainembabazi Sigmund


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