Uganda Police Force

Uganda Police website down, here is what happened

Uganda Police official website is currently down and not accessible to users a condition that has taken more than 24 hours so far. The page when visited brings a suspension page from the popular hosting company Hostgator.


An account on twitter claiming to be an anonymous hacker claims responsibility of the hacking saying that they have taken down the Police web service  in response to police brutality.

The account has a twitter handle @YourAnonCentral and has an excess of 5.9 Million followers and has been doing online activism in various countries in many languages all over the world.

Anonymous’ post claiming responsibility 

“Exposing Human Rights abuses from around the world. Reporting, resistance resources, & Anonymous updates. Actions Not Nouns. We do not forgive” is what reads on their twitter bio.

Anonymous twitter account is run by a group of unknown people who expose various injustices in governments, companies, organizations and other interstate organizations.

Uganda Police Force
Ugandan men and uniform, responsible for keeping law and order

What happened to the website?

Hosting company Hostgator suspended the website and redirected its entire URL (links) to the suspended page.

Police Website
How the web page looks when visited

Hostgator suspends a website that has failed to follow is terms of use which include but not limited to:

  • Failure to pay periodic hosting fees that are paid either monthly or yearly;
  • Posting content that is illegal like copyrighted content
  • Excessive usage of CPU, disk space and other resources by the website can also cause the website to be suspended.
  • Agreement between the reseller of hosting and Uganda Police that has been violated with non pay and the reseller chose to suspend the hosting account of Uganda Police Force.Resellers are retailers who buy packages from hosting companies and resell them to their clients.
  • If Hostgator finds a security issue on the website;
  • Any other action that violates Hostgator Terms of use.

Uganda Police is yet to clarify why the website is down showing that it’s suspended.

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