Shakz and Ronah

Two bloggers arrested in Mbarara for abusing an alleged LGBT member Online

Police in Mbarara has arrested two social media users for offensive communication. The arrested are a renowned Twitter influencer one Ronah and Shakibu Mugerwa a popular fashionist known as Shakz of Shakz Boutique Mbarara.

Ronah who uses a twitter name Essental Student (@CandleRonah) and Shakz were arrested on Wednesday following a complaint at the police by Hamza Ssemba who accused them of harassing him online.

Hamza reported the case to Mbarara police on November 10th with case reference number SD Ref:

Police reference number

It is said that the two posted photos of Hamza Ssemba on banners calling for protection of Mbarara culture against the infiltration of LGBT community.

At the time of reporting, the posts have since been pulled down with Ronah’s account deactivated (inaccessible).

Ronah's post
One of Ronah’s post about Hamza

Attempts by friends of Ronah and Shakz to secure a police bond for them failed as they were told that it was too late and they should come back tomorrow.

Uganda is known as one of the countries with high levels of homophobia and cyber abuses against the LGBT community are not unusual on the internet.

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