The Urban Poor Will be Looked at First in the Stimulus Package- Robinah Nabbanja

Yesterday 20th June the government after a meeting with the COVID-19 national task force announced how it will deliver a stimulus package to citizens.

This is aimed at helping people offset the COVID-19 effects especially after the tough presidential guidelines that were issued by President Museveni recently.

However, not everyone is going to receive this money, it will be given to a group of people that have been termed as vulnerable.

Nabbanja said that the government will use information from LCs and NIRA to determine which people are vulnerable.

She further added that unlike when food was swindled which led to many people missing out in the first lockdown, this money won’t be swindled since it’s easy to monitor activities of MTN and Airtel.

She added that a committee had been instituted to look for the vulnerable people.

However she said that those who work on a hand to mouth basis would be considered first.

She further went ahead to say that the urban vulnerable people would be cons first. This is because the government does not have the means to traverse the while country at once.

“We shall look at the urban poor first. We can’t afford to go across the whole country, we don’t have that money.” Nabbanja made the revelation while appearing on the NBS morning breeze show.

She went on to clarify this exercise saying that vouchers will be used for those who do not have mobile phones.

Nabbanja said she was sure Ugandans could out this money to good use once they get it. She however said they had to first sell the idea to President Museveni for it to get approved.

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