Stop Tarnishing the Image of our Officers, Ministry of Health warns bloggers over Atwine’s apartments

3 days ago, a story appeared on a Ugandan blog Ugandan News 24 titled “Dr. Atwiine apartments near completion”

The story further alleged that Dr. Diana Atwine the Permanent secretary Secretary of Ministry of Health connived with Dr. Emmanuel Ainebyoona the spokesperson to steal billions of money meant to pay health workers allowances adding that she diverted that money to construct and complete her own apartments.

Ministry of Health has come out to release a statement saying that such stories are not to true and should be treated with contempt it deserves.

Ministry further went on to advise internet users to first verify information on such blogs before forwarding them to various social media channels.

“Our attention has been drawn to numerous social media blogs and online publications that have made it a habit to attack and defame officials at the Ministry of Health during this period of COVID-19 pandemic with fake news, rumors and allegations without factual basis” a statement signed by Emmanuel Ainebyoona the spokesperson Ministry of health said.

The story did not give however the factual details about the details of alleged Diana Atwine’s apartments like location nor did it give any detail about the amount of money allegedly looted by the two officials which raises questions about the authenticity of the story.

Ministry of Health went further to note and warn several sites like Ekyooto an opposition leaning website that started allegations of Dr. Diana building apartments at the end of the first lock down and Opera News, a publishing app that gives a platform to news publishers to showcase the latest news.

“The fake articles and posts have been published by faceless authors on numerous online sites………one such esample is an Opera News publishing a fake story titled ‘Atwine Apartments near completion.’ This story is filled with false and baseless allegations to taint the image of the Ministry of Health Permanent Secretary, Dr. Diana Atwine.” The statement further said.

Ministry of Health went to clarify that Dr. Atwine is not in possession of apartments that were shown the photo neither does she own any apartments nor constructing one.

“Dr. Atwine doesn’t own, neither is she constructing any apartments.”

Health workers were paid their allowances according to the Ministry of Health statement and the payments were paid as soon ‘as and when funds are made available by the Ministry of Finance.’

Dr. Ainebyoona concluded by challenging the authors of the story to bring proof to the allegations also present that proof to the anti corruption agencies in the country.

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