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State House Speaks out on Rumors about Museveni’s health

Social media spaces are a really good thing when used well but it can also be poisonous when it’s used to spread wrong information.

It’s the reason why most social media apps have rules and regulations that guide them although these have been continuously abused by users.

This was the case last night as social media users took to the different platforms to rejoice at the alleged poor health of President Museveni while his supporters were praying for his good health.

The tweet that was making rounds was purportedly from NTV which made many people to think that it’s authentic.

Some even went a step further to allege that he had breathed his last.

“#BreakingNews The President of Uganda H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has reportedly been airlifted to Germany in a critical condition after suffering breathing complications purportedly due to COVID 19 according to his private doctor, Dr Monica Musenero. Developing story.” The fake tweet read.

The tweet quickly started making rounds even spreading to other platforms.

Although there were majority of social media users who were extremely happy others were sure this was fake news.

This saw some people such as embattled former Makerere University Prof Dr Stella Nyanzi take to her Facebook page to question whether the rumor was true before she could rejoice.

However, NTV came out to disclaim the tweet as not having originated from them.

It went ahead to tell people to disregard the fake tweet and those who abuse social media to spread fake news.

“FAKE NEWS ALERT: Please disregard this fake news post being shared and attributed to NTV Uganda and treat it with the contempt it deserves. NTV Uganda has not shared any such information on any of it’s platforms. Beware of those using social media to spread #fakenews.” NTV Uganda released a statement refuting this fake tweet that was making rounds.

The news came after President Museveni held national prayers on Friday 25th June with a number of limited religious leaders.

These were praying for the Divine intervention of God in the ongoing COVID 19 pandemic that is becoming worse day by day.

This attracted the president’s senior press secretary Lindah Nabusayi’s attention who released a statement saying the news was fake.

She added that President Museveni is alone and well. He’s set to preside over the virtual World Health Summit today at Munyonyo.

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