Revive Tracking Devices In Vehicles, Museveni Orders Muhoozi

President Museveni has today instructed the State Minister for Internal Affairs who is also the CDF Gen. David Muhoozi to revive vehicle tracking devices as a way of eliminating hard core crimes in Uganda.

Mr Museveni made these remarks during his speech on National Budget reading at Kololo independent grounds.

‘‘Every vehicle and motorcycle must have a digital tracking device, which will show us your whereabouts and if you remove it, the system will show us and we shall come for you. I’ve told Gen Muhoozi, the Minister designate for Internal Affairs to check it’’ said Museveni.

The president first ordered for digital trackers to be installed in all vehicles in 2018, at the peak of the murder spate which claimed prominent Ugandans.

While several others of his directives have since been implemented including installation of street cameras, museveni noted that today vehicle tracking never took off.

‘’in my 2018 speech I talked about digital monitoring to be installed in every vehicle and motorcycle. That project has delayed and I don’t know why,’’ Museveni said during the budget reading at Kololo.

The project he said was being handled back then by the security minister Gen. elly Tumwine and current works and transport minister Edward Katumba Wamala.

Following the assassination attempt on Gen. Katumba’s life which claimed his daughter and the driver, Museveni announced today that it is time to revive vehicle tracking project in Uganda.

‘’this morning I was talking to the new minister of internal affairs David Muhoozi, and asked him what happened to that project, why has it been delayed?’’ President said.

President museveni  told Gen. Muhoozi who is also the CDF to check what happened to the project.

The president believes that vehicle tracking will be helpful at hubnting for hard core criminals who use boda boda to kill people in the country.

‘‘The monitor will show us where you are at any time if we are interested in you. We are not interested in clandestine acativities, as long as you are not near the scene of crime’’, the president concluded.

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