Impounded Boda Boda

“Release Impounded Boda Bodas While Violating COVID Guidelines”, Museveni Orders

President Museveni has ordered with immediate effect police to hand over all boda bodas impounded for violation covid1-19 guidelines back to their owners.

“Some many motorcycles at police stations were confiscated for violating curfew. However, as people of religion sometimes it is good to forgive. These young people have already been punished since they have not been earning after being impounded,” Museveni said.

Impounding boda boda and ensuring they don’t work is already a punishment to the owners adding that having learnt lessons, I order that the owners should be given back their boda bodas.

“I direct you release these motorcycles. I direct you release them. Let us have an amnesty for these boda boda people,” he added.

Many boda bodas have been seen ridding up to 10pm in the night whereas many others are seen carrying more than one passenger which contradicts with the president directives which only allows one passenger on a motoycle.

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