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RCC Bamwine Transferred to Nakaseke amidst Machete Thugs in Masaka Region

Masaka RCC Fred Bamwine has been transferred to Nakaseke district amidst machete thungs in Masaka who have claimed more than 27 people in one month.

The numerous changes in the resident District Commissioners in the country have been made by the Minister of Presidency Milly Babalanda.

Previously, Mr. Bamwine served as RDC, Mukono district before being transferred to Masaka district as RCC.
His transfer comes at a time when there is increased insecurity in Greater Masaka region where 29 people have been killed by machete thugs with in a period of one month.

Locals blame security services for not doing enough to protect them from panga-weilding thugs as RDC, Bamwine served as head of the district security committee.

However, it has remained unclear if the transfer is related to Bamwine’s possible failure to strengthen security in Masaka.

Milly Babalanda has also confirmed that she is today travelling to Greater Masaka to assess the situation in the region.

‘‘I am heading to the Masaka area to assess the insecurity being reported there,” said Babalanda.
Before his transfer, Mr. Fred Bamwine had ordered all village chairpersons to provide lists of their residents in two weeks as a way of curbing the rampant killings which as claimed about 27 people in one month.

According to Mr. Bamwine, this would assist to identify residents from strangers in Masaka greater region.

“As one of efforts to curb the rampant killings, they expect village chairpersons to work closely with heads of families and landlords to secure the required information so that security can easily identify residents from strangers.’’ Mr Bamwine told journalists over the weekend.

According to Police, 38 people had been arrested with investigations underway into how 23 people had been hacked to death in one month on Friday.

Mr Bamwine said investigations reveal that the night attacks are executed by an organized criminal gang.

“The attackers first think before they attack, where they attack, they don’t easily go back .So, we are also widening our net by deploying heavily in the entire region,” he said.

The incidents are similar to the attacks between 2017 and 2018 where at least 30 people were murdered and more than 50 injured in the sub-region.

The then Inspector General of Police, Gen Kale Kayihura, camped in the area for several days to command a joint operation by police and other security agencies. The operations dismantled a group led by Muhammed Kiddawalime after a mob killed him in Bukulula Trading Centre in Kalungu District.

President Museveni blamed the prevailing insecurity in some parts of the country on the Allied Democratic Forces rebel group militants, who are reportedly hiding in eastern part of DR Congo.

Mr. Museveni made these remarks while While eulogising the late Lt Gen Paul Lokech, the former Deputy Inspector General of Police on Friday

The President said they had launched a terror campaign on innocent Ugandans and promised that they “will be held accountable.” In the past few years, the thugs have also spread to Wakiso, Mukono, Kampala, and Mpigi districts, leaving many in cold blood

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