President Museveni Bans All Public Transport Means As He Declares Total Lockdown

President museveni yesterday while addressing the nation on covid-19 banned all public transport and these include boda bodas, taxes and private cars from transporting passengers for 42 days accept those caring cargo but not exceeding two people.

President Museveni also declared total lock down in country as a way of combating the spread of the deadly corona virus among citizens.

The second wave of COVID-19 pandemic is in high gear succumbing citizens on a daily basis, of 234 Ugandans have been succumbed to covid-19 with in one month, after the state had made pronouncements of a gradually phased re-opening

Government recently banned public transport between districts but according to the president it has been observed that taxis and Boda bodas drop passengers at the district boundaries in a relay system to be taken by colleagues waiting across the boundary but in turn has led to further spread of the virus.

‘‘All cross boundary and inter-district movement of public or private transport is banned for 42 days starting June 18 (10pm local time). The movement of persons needs to be stopped since it is the cornerstone of the rise in cases,’’ President Museveni directed.

‘‘Only tourists from countries that vaccinated people can come. When we have a situation of about 17 new cases in every 100 tests, then we are in danger,’’ Mr Museveni warned.

Mr Museveni told the nation in a Friday night televised address that a return to robust measures and a revolutionary approach adopted during the first Covid-19 wave was inevitable.

‘‘When we take measures to prevent, we succeed. This situation was anticipated by government and hence manageable,’’ he said.

A deliberate alteration of protocols to curb the virus will now see curfew times pulled back to 7pm from 9pm.
‘‘Licenses of those flaunting directives should be terminated forever. Police should impose hefty fines and arrest them,’’ he said.

However, statistics show the number of infected people in critical condition has slightly fallen from 49% in May 2021 to 47% in June.

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To several citizens in a domestically-blockaded Uganda, Covid-19 curbs could relegate masses to extreme poverty levels.

Uganda’s test positivity rate has rolled between 14-18% in the last two weeks, 1,239,100 people have been tested of Uganda’s 41 million population.

Below is a Summary of new Covid-19 guideline declared?

1. Ban on public and private transport restored: Only cargo vehicles can move with a maximum of two people.
2. Entebbe Airport will remain open.
3. Markets remain open but vendors urged to camp in markets for 42 days.
4. Bodabodas barred from carrying passengers save for sick people with letters from local council authorities. Boda Bodas can only move up to 5pm.
5. Essential sectors that may continue working: Security companies, Medical workers, vet doctors, Utility service providers like mass media, water, electricity etc
6. Broad sectors to remain open: Agriculture, Industries, Tourism, Cargo transport, health and medical services.
7. Retail shops remain operational until 7pm.
8. 7pm-5am curfew introduced.
9. Leisure hubs like bars, betting centres, casinos, beaches, gyms closed.
10. Burials restricted to a maximum of 20 people.
11. Sporting and gaming activities suspended for 42 days.
12. Restaurants/hotels remain open.
13. Political and public gatherings still prohibited.
14. Factories and construction sites stay open with an option for camping.
15. Re-opening of learning institutions deferred until after 42 days.
16. Prayer & worship hubs remain closed for 42 days.
17. Shopping malls and shopping centres like Kikuubo closed for 42 days.
18. Mandatory wearing of masks in public space.
19. 14. Keep a social distance of at least 2metres.
20. All measures stay in place for 42 days.

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