Police raids bars, impounds motorcycles while re-imposing curfew

The Uganda Police Force has arrested scores of revelers who were found in bars drinking in a move to re-impose Standard Operating Procedures (S.O.PS) and check the fast spreading COVID-19. Hundreds of motorcycles were also impounded and riders arrested for driving past curfew time.

With bars being closed for business since last year’s April Lockdown, people have been illegally operating and selling liquor in bars to drinkers every day. With the re-insurgence of COVID-19, Police has decided to re-enforce the guidelines that were set by the Ministry of Health and the President of Uganda, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

The motorcycles that were impounded belonged to cyclists who were driving beyond 18:00 hrs the limit time set by President Museveni last year when Motorcyles should stop moving. Cars are allowed to travel up to 21:00hrs. Curfew hours that are meant to restrict night movements start 21:00 hrs every day.

Other people who were arrested include those arrested by KCCA Operations team and Police for not wearing a mask, those arrested by Police for travelling curfew hours among others.

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Due to increase in Covid-19 cases and deaths, we have intensified curfew operations so as to enforce the Ministry of Health SOPs.  A number of motorcycles and Vehicles have been impounded and suspects arrested in the Kampala Metropolitan area. A number of those were in bars, and others had no masks on.” Uganda Police posted.

Motorcycles being loaded on Police trucks during curfew time

Police says that such operations will continue to be forced and has promised to take the arrested to court on Monday to be charged with the ‘negligent acts likely to spread an infectious disease.’ Operations are expected to intensify after today’s Presidential address.

Police advised people who would wish to avoid falling in problems to follow the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to avoid getting arrested. Some of the SOPs include Wearing a mask when outdoor, getting home before curfew time, washing hands frequently, avoiding touching surfaces, sanitizing hands frequently etc.

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