‘‘Pay More Attention To PWDs Rights’’, EOC Chairperson Nalule Argues Government

Safia Nalule head of Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) urged the government to pay more attention to the rights of people with disabilities (PWDs).

Nalule passed this information during their training with the Members of Parliament on human rights on Equal Opportunity.

Nalule said that many people with disability are struggling with challenges and need to be supported and ensure that they have equal rights.

“The issues of gender and equity cut across all sectors but it was not until we instituted the requirement for the certificate of gender and equity compliance in the Public Finance Management Act that they came to the limelight,” she said.
“We urged the government to scrutinise the budget and look for those details because the issue of gender and equity budget are in the details.Let them look for the details and that is where our issues are and I think everybody will be able to participate,” she said.

Bulambuli Woman MP Irene Muloni also noted that the issues of gender and equality are pertinent and should be given much consideration.

“We need to look at all processes with gender lenses and examine whether they cater well for the women, does this cater well for the children, does this cater well for the men, does it cater for the people with disabilities, all these aspects have to be taken into consideration,” she said.

In the previous lockdown, Mr Mpindi Bumali who is the chairperson for National Union of Disabled Persons of Uganda (NUDIPU) blamed the government for leaving them out as the vulnerable beneficiaries during the distribution of covid-19 relief fund and urged the prime minister to add them on the list.

He also argued the government to also include those with mental health in all COVID-19 related interventions particularly in the cash handout mobile money transfer due to start on July 6, 2021.

‘‘We appreciate government for putting in place Standard Operating Procedures to help curb the spread of the virus and for its Covid-19 relief intervention but PWDs should not be left behind in the interventions.’’ He said in the statement.

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