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NRM Set For Caucus As Museveni Wants Referendum On Bail for Murderers

National Resistance Movement members of parliament have today met at Kololo Independent Grounds for a party caucus as the president want a referendum on bailing out murders.

Last week during the swearing-in ceremony for new judges at State House Entebbe, president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni said he would summon the caucus over a referendum regarding giving bail to murder suspects.

“For somebody to kill a person and you give them bail is a provocation. It is abominable. I would like us to cure this ideological disagreement. This bail, what is the hurry? Who are you trying to please?” he said.

“We are going to work on this. I am going to summon the NRM caucus and if necessary, we put it to a referendum. With this provocation, people will take the law into their hands,” he added.

Museveni was again quoted yesterday insisting that those accused of murder should not be granted bail while officiating the Benedicto Kiwanuka Memorial Lecturer.

“In no time we are now being told that bail is a right. Really! Somebody has killed a person and you see him walking here! This is a provocation I can tell you. Judges must be very careful because they are playing in a very dangerous area which we can’t accept,” Museveni said.

According to him, the issue of granting bail to ‘murderers’ will cause the public to lose trust in government and courts of law and they will resort to mob justice.

President’s comments come at a time after the release of two NUP members of the parliament Muhammad Ssegirinya and Allan Ssewanyana whom however were both re-arrested under fresh charges of treason and inciting violence to SSegirinya.

Ssegirinya, alongside MP Ssewanyana and others still at large are being pinned for their alleged involvement in Greater Masaka killings which claimed at least 27 lives in one month.

Police spokesperson Enanga confirmed that Sseriginya is now detained at Special Investigations Division in Kireka for further statement recording and action.

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