No Processions, Assemblies and rallies on Nomination Day– Police Warns politicians

Police Spokesperson Fred Enanga


Uganda Police Spokesperson Fred Enanga has on this Friday evening warned all Politicians  and political groups more especially presidential candidates that there will be no processions and assemblies allowed on the nomination day that will be due next week.

Enanga issued this statement where he told political parties, individuals and groups that rallies, assemblies and processions are prohibited in this process of nominations that will happen on Tuesday 3rd November 2020 due to the safety measures put in place by the electoral commission to combat the spread of the deadly COVID-19.

The police spokesperson said that they have received reports that some actors are already preparing and calling for mass processions despite Electoral Commission guidelines given to them barring such processions.

“Despite the guidelines issued by the Electoral Commission, which are very clear, we continue to obtain intelligence on arrangements by a few political actors, to hold unauthorized processions, rallies and assemblies.  We have taken note of their adverts and publicity drives declaring such intentions.” Enanga said.

Presidential candidates will be nominated on 3rd November 2020 ahead of 2021 general elections. Unlike past nominations where the nominees would hold their first rally on the nomination day, this year, nominees have been advised by the electoral commission to come with a procession of people not exceeding 10 and not to hold any rally or an assembly thereafter.

Incumbent President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, Forum for Democratic Change party president and flag bearer Patrick Oboi Amuriat, Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu of National Unity Platform, Mugisha Gregg Muntu of Alliance for National Transformation and Henry Tumukunde who is independent are some of the candidates who have so far been cleared for the nominations by the Electoral Commission.

Police will put a massive deployment in the city according to the spokesperson and some activities like traffic flow and Boda Boda stages and tax stages will be affected to make sure that they minimize the possibilities of any activities that are defiant to the law. Police is also expected to put vehicle checkpoints and roadblocks in many areas of Kampala Metropolitan Area that includes Kampala city, Wakiso District, Mukono District and Mpigi District.

“As a precaution, we have deployed sufficient manpower to combat any unlawful acts.  We are going to disrupt certain activities and movements during the nominations.  Some disruptions will be overt, others covert including areas like; traffic road junctions, lodges, bodabodas stages, garages, taxi stages. In addition, we shall implement several vehicle checkpoints throughout the KMP area.” Enanga said.

No Presidential candidate or a spokesperson of a political party has already commented about Police’s warning.

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