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Netizens ask Museveni to retire Gen Moses Ali from cabinet following a disturbing video

Netizens have petitioned President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni to retire Gen Moses Ali from the cabinet after a disturbing video of him appeared on the internet.

In the video, Ali is seen in a mosque where he  had gone for prayers on Friday last week, as he is seen having difficulty in sitting in the chair.

He was later seen making gestures where he appeared not to be understanding what was happening around him.

The appearance of Moses Ali is attributed to old age and fatigue, being 84 years old.

Born in 1939, Moses Ali has been active in Uganda’s cabinet since 1971 and Army with an exception of 1978-1986 where he was a rebel leader and a warlord fighting against Dr. Apollo Milton Obote and Yoweri Museveni’s government respectively.

Moses Ali currently serves as the Second Deputy Prime Minister and Deputy Leader of Government Business in Parliament.

Moses Ali’s condition has persisted for a long time having first seen publicly struggling with standing and sitting over a year ago in March 2022 during the election of the parliament speaker following the death of Hon. Jacob Oulanyah.

Ugandans on internet have reacted differently on the video most of them asking the president to retire him so that he can peacefully look after his health and old age.

Here is the Video

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