Yoweri Kaguta Museveni

Museveni shows commitment not to forego traditional medicine in this fight against COVID-19

“We know that the ultimate solution to COVID-19 lies in vaccinating all our people.” Said Yoweri Museveni.

“The age-old cures that kept our forefathers disease-free must be given attention to improve on them and preserve their use.” He added.

Ugandan President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has today evening shown commitment to preserve and improve the use of traditional medicine in the cure of COVID-19.

Museveni delivered this message on his twitter handle as he explained the progress and plans in place to end the pandemic in the country that has locked most business out of business for a period of a year and three months since it was first recorded in the country.

Museveni said that the decisive solution to CoronaVirus is vaccinating Ugandans explaining the plans underway to secure more vaccines from Cuba, China and USA in addition to the one of India.

“The government, with the help of the African Union and other partners, will fast-track the acquisition of sufficient dozes of vaccines to cover the entire population.” He said “Alongside efforts to develop our own vaccine, we are continuing to talk with India, the USA for the Johnson-Johnson vaccine, China and Cuba.”

Uganda’s efforts to produce its own vaccine are still underway with the latest update showing that Phase I trials are yet to begin.

Museveni went ahead to analyze the role and importance of traditional medicines which used to boost immunity of people in the past to be embraced, preserved and improved in the fight against COVID-19.

Ugandans started use of traditional medicine against COVID-19 as soon as it was announced in Uganda. Most of the used medicines include foods like Lemon, Garlic and Citric juice fruits. Other herbs like Aloe Vera, marijuana are also being used though discouraged by some medics.

The long gone traditional act of steaming which has been in use in Uganda for centuries has also resumed during COVID-19 as one of the remedies to treat the disease.

The locally made herbal medicine Covidex is also one of the most used locally made herbal medicines, much as Uganda Drug Authority warned against its use, people have been giving evidence about its effectiveness.

Effectiveness of these herbal medicines and concoctions differ according to evidence from people who have used them however professional medics and professional health bodies like World Health Organization continue to warn against use of untested unapproved medicines.

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