Museveni Partially Lifts Lockdown, Bars, Churches & Schools Still Closed

President Museveni on the 30th of July 2021 partially lifted lockdown hence anticipating speech about the 42 day lockdown he declared in June.

On Friday, he noted that the lockdown has been of great help leading to a reduction in daily confirmed cases from 1735 to an average of 71 per day now whereas the positivity rate has also gone down from 22% to only 8%.

“Therefore, when this crisis started I had to intervene to protect health workers from being overwhelmed and to save the population from massive deaths. There has since been a reduction in daily deaths and admission of critical patients,”Museveni said.

The President also said that according to the ministry of health officials, they had looked at the avenues regarding the lockdown.

These included opening up, partial lockdown and no opening at all
Museveni said the task force decided that the country goes with the partial lockdown but under strict Standard Operating Procedures to be followed by the population.

“Partial opening up will see an increased number of infections in the first week since everyone will be coming out after the lockdown but this would later reduce. It is therefore good to ensure observance of SOPs in the partial lockdown. Based on scientists’ advice, I now revise my directives,” Museveni added.

“Therefore, curfew is maintained at 7 pm and all persons except security and those cleared to move at night should be in their homes.
The president said churches, mosques and other places of worship are still closed for another 60 days but urged them to use virtual prayers.

On schools, the president said these are too still closed until learners are vaccinated.

Public transport will reopen at 50% capacity beginning Monday as they observe standard operating procedures.

According to the president, public transport associations should regulate themselves and failure to comply with the decision to reopen will be reversed whereas boda bodas are allowed to carry one passenger but stop at 6 pm.

Kikubo to open up under tight conditions, (1) all kiosks should be removed. (2) Roadside vending is banned and relocated. (3) Only wholesale trade is allowed. (4) All agencies to ensure compliance.
Manufacturers should open up centres upcountry. Traders must revert to e-commerce. Arcades must also follow conditions- clear corridors, adequate ventilation, CCTV cameras, proper hygiene and registration of staff and traders.

Arcades, malls and other business centres reopened but must adhere to SOPs.

Burials and weddings still restricted to 20 people under tight restrictions until more vaccination

Bars remain closed. However, performing arts allowed only virtually, Stance to be reviewed after 42 days and Salons to open but with sop’s observation.

Schools still remain closed for more 60 days until vaccination targets are met. Learning is virtual.
Shopping malls and arcades to open with dedicated entry and exit. SOPs should be maintained and failure to comply will lead to closure.

Places of worship still closed for 60 days. Maximum of 10 religious leaders allowed leading virtual prayers.
Sports should continue without spectators and testing of the players should occur 72 hours prior to the games. Outdoor sports activities are allowed with masks on. However, gyms, betting and casinos remain closed.

However, comedians and musicians advised to perform virtually.

Saunas should also remain closed. If you want, use hot water in your bathrooms.
20% of office workers should be allowed to work.

Private vehicles are also allowed to cross district borders with only three people including the driver.

Movement in and out of the country through Entebbe airport will remain open.
Cargo trucks are also allowed to move in and out of the country with turn man and driver with negative results.

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