Museveni Gives Gutti A Sixth Term As Head Of General Court Martial

President Yoweri Museveni, who is the commander in chief of the armed forces, has extended the term for Lt Gen Andrew Gutti as the head of the General Court Martial in Makindye.

This is the sixth term that Lt Gen Andrew Gutti is serving as the chairman of the army court having been appointed in 2016 to replace Maj Gen Levi Karuhanga who had earlier that year died.

He now qualifies among the longest serving army court chairmen since its inception.

Museveni has also appointed new faces as members of the General Court Martial sitting at Makindye in a letter made this week to the army leadership.

Gutti and his team are set to be sworn in on Monday at a function to be held at the army court headquarters in Makindye.

According to the list, the members to serve for the forthcoming one year term include Brig James Rubahika, Col E. H .Tawunga, Col A.K . Birungi, Capt G. Lubadde Sseguya, Capt Allen Kyosaba and W.O.1 Kenneth Arinaitwe.

On the reserve team, the president has named Brig Vincent Okello Ladii, Lt Col Damiano Kato, Lt Col Christine Nekesa, Maj Paul Tumukunde Miragire, Maj Sarah Sonko Asiimwe, Col Jasper Abeka, Col Ibrahim Kedia, Maj Herbert Ruhindi, Maj Richard Turyahabwe, Maj Emmanuel Byaruhanga, Capt Ruth Faith Nabitake , Capt Gift Agiri Kaganda and Capt Fatuma Wakabani.

The newly appointed members will on Monday be sworn is to ensure they immediately start work for the army court.

The members of the army court represent the various units of the UPDF including the air force, land forces, marine and Special Forces Command among others.

The UPDF Act 2005 provides that the General Court Martial shall consist of a chairman who shall not be below the rank of a Lieutenant Colonel, senior officers, junior officers, a political commissar and a non -commissioned officer and these members are appointed by the High Command for a period of one year.

For all the years, President Museveni , who is also the commander in chief of the armed forces has been pleased to extend Gutti’s term as he continues to take charge of affairs at the army court.

Joining the army in 1986, Gutti has risen through the ranks to reach the rank of Lieutenant General that he is on currently but has also held several assignments in the UPDF.

He has served as the 3rd division commander and Chief of Operation and Training in the Uganda Peoples Defence Forces-UPDF.

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