Museveni Doesn’t Know When He Was Born’’, Ssemuujju Claims As Public Cerebrate His Birthday

Social media was awash with messages wishing president Museveni a happy birthday including the first lady Janet too was not left out in congratulating and wishing her loved the best has he reached 77 years of age.

However, Kiira municipality member of parliament Ssemujju Ibrahim Nganda has raised a procedural matter over the mover by Thomas Tayebwa’s message about the same matter.

‘‘Happy birthday Father of the nation, May God continue protecting U as you secure our country’s future.’’ Tayebwa who is the Chief Whip and Member of Parliament, Ruhinda North County, Mitooma District tweeted.

‘‘Dear @KagutaMuseveni , we are continually thankful for your life, health, strength and for every kindness of God towards you. May the blessings of the LORD always surround and pursue you as you lead our family and lead the country. Have a wonderful birthday and a blessed year.’’ He added.

After the tweet, Ssemujju raised procedural matter over the mover by Tayebwa to wish H.E. President Birthday wish.

‘‘He contends that it’s on record that the President does not know when he was born, in his book Sowing Mastered Seed’’, Ssemujju tweeted.

According to records, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni was born 77 years ago on September, 15, 1944 in current day Nutngamo district.

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