Museveni commissions Atiak Sugar Factory in Amuru District

President Museveni has yesterday evening commissioned a sugar factory in Atiak, Amuru District. The factory will help boost local production, employment and agriculture in the region.

The factory is expected to provide 2000 direct jobs to the community and will impact positively more than 20,000 families who will be growing sugar cane for the factory and providing other necessary raw materials to the factory.

Atiak Sugar Factory is owned by investor Amina Moghe Hersi who owns 59% in the company while the government of Uganda owns 41% shares in that company through the Uganda Development Corporation.

While commissioning the factory, President Museveni thanked entrepreneur Amina for the being a ‘fighter’ who besides being facing opposition doesn’t give easily. He also thanked people of Atiak and Lamwo who have embraced development in their region.

“I thank Amina for being a freedom fighter, she is like her uncle Museveni who does not give up even when I am abused” said Museveni.

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