Matia Kasaija’s sole opponent withdraws from the race appointed to UIA

Matia Kasaija has been declared unopposed by the Electoral Commission after his only opponent in the race Kyalimpa Paul has withdrawn from the race and got appointed by Matia Kasaija as Deputy Director General of Uganda Investment Authority.

Kyalimpa Paul withdrew from the elections today on December 07th in a letter to electoral commission where he said that he is going to serve the country in another capacity.

Kyalimpa has been the only challenger to the cabinet Minister of Finance and Planning for the post of direct elect Member of Parliament Buyanja County in Kibaale district and returning officer henceforth declared Matia Kasaijja as unopposed.

“This is to submit to you the details of the candidate who has withdrawn from the electorate office of directly elected Member of Parliament Buyanja County in Kibaale Electoral district.” Read part of the letter from the district returning officer Kibaale District Mr. Ipeto Aggrey James to the Secretary of Electoral Commission.

Matia Kasaija held a meeting with Museveni on 18th November while Museveni was in his Northern Uganda campaign tour and asked him to appoint Kyalimpa Paul as the deputy director Uganda Investment Authority a request that Museveni approved in a letter dated Nov 24th and tasked Kasaija with the task of recruiting him to take over the position.

Kyalimpa will take over the position as soon as the recruitment is over while Minister Matia Kasaija will only wait for the swearing in ceremony.

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