Kayunga LCV Chairman, Sserubogo Committed Suicide- Police Confirms

Police yesterday confirmed that the newly elected Kayunga district LC5 chairperson, Ffefeka Sserubogo who was found on Wednesday 16th/06/2021  hanging on a rope committed suicide.

As residents of Kayunga District were still in shock and confusion over circumstances that might have led to the death of their newly elected district chairperson after being found hanging on a rope, the police has confirmed that the deceased committed suicide according to the post-mortem made on the rate.

Residents thronged the village yesterday as news of Sserobogo’s alleged suicide spread across the country. Enraged residents claimed that their chairperson, a member of National Unity Platform (NUP) party headed by former presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi, aka Bobi Wine,  was killed before his body was hang on a tree.

‘‘Locals believe he might have been killed&a rope put around his neck,because he’s been fighting land grabbers in Kayunga.We’re still gathering information&hope investigations will be swift.May He rest in peace.’’ Joel Ssenyonyi tweeted yesterday.

Locals and relatives have since concluded that the newly elected LC5 chairman on the opposition National Unity Platform ticket was killed and body hanged on a tree.

However, according to the Police Criminal Investigations Division spokesperson, Charles Twine, preliminary investigations have indicated that the deceased committed suicide.

“The post-mortem done by three senior surgeons and one independent doctor provided by the family of the late Ffefeka Sserubogo in the presence of the brother of the deceased and the LC 5 vice chairman indicated that the late Sserubogo committed suicide,” Twine said in a statement.

“The postmortem indicated he was killed by hapoxia which is a deficiency of oxygen in the body tissues. It is what kills all those who commit suicide.”

A search on the internet shows that hypoxia is a condition where not enough oxygen makes it to the cells and tissues in the body.

This can happen even though blood flow is normal and hypoxia can lead to many serious, sometimes life-threatening complications.

“The postmortem was done with participation of the family doctor and in the presence of the deceased’s brother Abubaker Kikuubo and the LC5 vice chairman, Joel Kayita,”Twine said.

“Sserubogo had for long toiled in politics in vain, how he can commit suicide at a time when he had just got into such a big office? This is unbelievable,” Mr Hakeem Ntuuyo, a member of NUP, shouted as police investigators combed the scene.

Sserubogo, won the seat in January polls on NUP ticket, becoming the first Opposition politician to head the district.

We was laid to rest in peace yesterday at Kyebanja village kayunga district

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