Jeje Odong Turns Up at Parliament in a Multi-million Mask

Former minister of internal affairs Gen Jeje Odong shocked parliament yesterday as he turned up for vetting in a multi million mask.

The minister who was recently appointed by President Museveni as the new minister of foreign affairs left all parliamentarians stunned with his LG Puricare face mask.

The mask which is the most expensive yet to be seen is estimated at a whopping shs 3.5 to shs 4 million shillings.

The mask is manufactured by tech giant LG appliances and has a number of features. It’s said that this mask filters air before it goes into one’s mouth and nose.

This mask is also manufactured in a way that its fitting will reduce air leakage around the nose and mouth area. It also works with battery charge of up to 8 hours daily.

The mask can however be made to increase the mask operation mode. This high mode can make it to run out of battery in a period of 2 hours but with far complex operations.

Social media users were quick to question whether it can stop one from contracting the infection. It can’t stop this and the owner also has to observe the sops just like those wearing ordinary masks.

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